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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dunbarton Fiber Project Update

Dunbarton Telephone is working to bring a 100% optical fiber network to homes in Dunbarton.  This technology will bring faster Internet speed.  You will continue to receive reliable, crystal clear phone service.
Currently, we have crews from Dunbarton Telephone and NextGen working to bring fiber optic service to homes on the northern end of Mansion Rd., as well as homes on the following streets:
·       Stinson Dr.
·       Samuel’s Court
·       William’s Court
·       Stark Lane
·       Caleb’s Way
In the summer of 2015, fiber installations were completed in the Grapevine Rd. area, including homes on the following streets:
·       Grapevine Rd.
·       Burnham Lane (House #'s 11-15)
·       Guinea Rd. (House #'s 1-79)
·       Gile Hill Rd.
·       Zachary Dr.
·       Tenney Hill Rd. (House #'s 1-99)
Fiber service has also been installed at the Dunbarton town offices, the Dunbarton Library, Dunbarton Elementary School, the police station, and the fire station.
We are excited to bring Fiber Optic service to the entire service area of Dunbarton Telephone. Thank you for your patience as we await final approval for government financing so we can move forward with our plan. More information will be available soon.  If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 774-9911.