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Friday, February 10, 2017

February 2017 Fiber Project Update

Exciting news about faster internet speeds coming to Dunbarton!

Dunbarton Telephone is pleased to announce that we have been approved for a government loan that will enable us to transition our service area to a 100% fiber optic network.   Loan documents have recently been signed, allowing the advancement of funds, so we can progress towards bringing faster internet speeds to all of our customers.  This network upgrade will bring increased internet download & upload speeds of up to 100 mbps to homes in Dunbarton and the rest of our service area.  We have also contracted with an engineering company that is assisting in the planning and implementation of this project. 

While we take the necessary steps to move forward with this project in 2017, we continue to upgrade homes in Dunbarton to fiber.  This is currently taking place on Barnard Hill Rd. and Stark Hwy North, as far up as Burnham Lane.  We also have a crew ready to continue working to bring fiber to the Gorham Pond Rd. area, once we receive a shipment of more fiber optic cable.

We look forward to bringing faster internet speeds to your home in the near future.